Cumberland Walking Tours

Have you seen the Mermaids on Baltimore Street?

Join us for 150 years of architectural history as we walk through our beautifully-preserved Victorian Downtown District. Understand how our fine city was shaped by world-renowned architects, Acts of Congress, fires and floods. See Pristine examples of Romanesque, Italianate, Beaux-Arts and Art Deco styles, and hear stories of theaters, speakeasies, and mercantile splendor.

A note from Meg~

Thank you for your interest in the history of downtown Cumberland! I am “on hiatus” from Walking Tours for this season so I can focus 100% of my energy on my art furniture business.(

In lieu of a walking tour of our city, I invite you for a behind-the-scenes tour of my working art studio! Located in the heart of Downtown Cumberland, and like the proverbial "box of chocolates", you just never know what you're going to get! On any given day there are projects in the woodshop, the painting studio, and on the drawing board. Colors! Fabrics! Wood! It is three thousand square feet of wonder and excitement, from one end to the other. I love having visitors!

My husband's photography studio is up one flight, so that makes us a one-stop, artful experience! His studio, Vibrant Image, is full of the same wonder and excitement, but he keeps it very organized and very neat.

Dave’s photography and my furniture can be seen in the retail shop at 55 Baltimore Street. To arrange a behind-the-scenes tour of either, or both of our studios, please contact me at 240-478-5989 or For information about other tours, and the myriad things and do and see while you are visiting our beautiful city, please visit .


About Your Guide:
Good fortune brought Meg Romero  and her husband Dave  to Cumberland in 2002,  and they fell head over heals in love with the mountains, the people and, of course, the architecture. They live and work in an 1899 four-story, brick beauty in the heart of Downtown, and are 10 years into a 30-year renovation. Meg designs and builds artful furniture, and Dave works at his commercial and fine-art photography business. An avid reader and soaker-upper of all things Cumberland, it is Meg’s great pleasure to share with visitors the history of this beautiful place.

Cumberland Walking Tours
Cumberland, Maryland